Here you will find the best staff around. Want to find out more about them? Look below.



Hello I am Ryan, I am the Founder/Owner of Silver Designs and I started Silver Designs as a place for me to deliver high quality models to the GTA community and a place to express myself and my work. I make Non ELS and ELS Vehicles and I also convert models from other games and websites.



My name is Alex also known of Mr.Nobody. I know I don't really make vehicles but i do have a passion for playing FPS games and becoming a professional Rust player and hoping to start streaming soon. I have been on this team/discord for 5 months- 3 days its been a great experience and a great time.


Head Admin and Technical Team

I make custom handling meta's for both emergency vehicles and civilian vehicles. Currently my work has been proposed to Jack The Dev, Ripple, Raylan Givens and several well-known developers. I also do commissions, which include packs of metas and or single vehicle metas. I have been studying the mechanics of GTA to better my creation and or modifications of handling metas


Head Admin and Technical Team

My name is Jordan but everyone knows me as Walker. I'm a non els dev for the gta community that mostly does fire and ems based vehicles. I've been at it for over three years now and still counting. So far it's been a great experience.


Head Admin and Graphical Team

I am the cure to all of silvers problems and a man of many talents, i fix bugs, make graphics, scratch model and more.

.=ZF=. KingRollingStone

Head Admin and Graphical Team

I am Stone.


Senior Admin

Well hello, My name is Michael (aka Mike). I am a small youtuber and love making videos. I am a hard worker and love helping people.



Hello, my name is UG! I am a texture dev and EUP dev. I love to play games amd hangout with friends.



Hey there! My name is Conway and I am a 16 year old model dev & an Administrator for Silver Designs!


Graphical Team

Hey, I’m Caleb and I am a livery artist on the Silver Design Team. I’ve been making liveries for personal use for a few years, and recently started doing work on a larger scale. Drop me a DM if you wanna chat!